Do not buy financed cars!

Sunday, Oct 28th, 2012

When I will be elected as president, I will put a 400% tax on all cars worth less than $20,000. This will keep knuckleheads from going into debt. I would then watch a lot of financial institutions burn, and lots of dealers closing down. Garages would reopen, and used car joints would flourish.

The government wants you to buy new cars and keep the manufacturers in business. The government also wants to feed the bankers, so you're encouraged to go into $20,000 worth of debt for the next five years. The manufacturer gets paid, the dealer gets paid, the bank gets paid, and the only loser in this equation is you. You have wasted your hard-earned money for the next five years and got what in return? A car that you don't own.  


I would only get a financed car if I were to use it to make money. If, let's say, I'm a taxi driver and the locals say that starting tomorrow there will only be 2012 models on the streets, then I would do my math and get the cheapest 2012 model on the market. And no, I wouldn't buy it in cash, because, when you're running a business and are short on capital, it's recommended that you don't do big investments and, instead, play with others' money. But that's it, I don't see any reason why I'd go into debt just to have a car for my personal use and pleasure.

I don't usually rant like this and I like to mind my own business. If you want to blow money on new cars, booze or crack whores then I'll usually pat you on the shoulder and tell you how great a job you're doing. It just pisses me off that we've turned into a culture of WANT WANT WANT NOW NOW NOW.

How do you feel about it? Have or would you get a financed car?

I want to buy a car

Friday, Oct 12th, 2012

Well no, not right now, but I have it in mind for very early next year. I have saved enough money for some shiny new wheels and I think it's high time I let my old Primus go. I'm not quite sure why I'm doing it though. It's still running perfectly, despite the fact that my dad gave it to me ten years ago on my 21st birthday. I guess I've earned my social status and should stop driving "dad's" car.


I have saved enough to buy it in cash. I really cannot understand people who go into debt just to buy a new car when they could easily afford to get a second hand one. I mean I know a car is a necessity and public transportation is too unreliable, but why do you have to pay $xxx per month for a car that's obviously out of your league? What's wrong with saving some money and buying a used one after two or three paychecks?

But I'm sidetracking.


As I was saying, I have $20,000-ish saved for a new car. I'm pondering between a Mitsubishi Outlander Sport and a Kia Sportage -- they've got comparable specs, and other SUV's in this price range are uglier than a rat's butt. I might be a bit biased towards the Mitsubishi, as my boss drives an i-MiEV and he's overly ecstatic about it.

If I were to get a Sedan, on the other hand, I would definitely go with the 2013 Dodge Dart. I know it's not the perfect argument, but I simply love the way that car looks. The Limited model comes with the best speakers I've ever seen on a car, and the retail price is also in the range of $20,000.


Decisions, decisions. Someone really ought to do a "First world problems" meme about this!